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How IoT is transforming the cold drinks industry

27 June 2016

Putting big data and proximity marketing to use to increase sales.

IoT products at CES - The overriding lessons of success

21 January 2016

The dust has now settled on another Consumer Electronics Show and unsurprisingly, as predicted,...

The IoT at the Consumer Electronics Show

02 January 2016

It's that time again. CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, undoubtedly the biggest technology...

Choose the right ‘Smart’ device this Christmas.

11 December 2015

It’s finally here, believe the hype! 2015 will more than ever be the Christmas of ‘Smart’....

Delivering customer experience

24 November 2015

Successful customer experience has always been at the heart of consumer marketing…the A,B,C of...

Mind the gap! Don’t worry, there isn’t one

26 October 2015

It's frustrating when you need multiple tools to manage your end to end campaigns. Knowledge,...

Power3 (The power of 3x3)

26 October 2015

At Nexo we believe that every part of our solution should be valuable on its own, but when...

Turning the "Internet of Things" into the "Internet of Value"

26 October 2015

After all the hype, its time to deliver.

Nexo Support, Downloads and Manuals

For all Nexo and Elstat support documentation please visit our support pages.

Support pages include technical information on the Nexo and Elstat controllers, covering: user guide, parameter settings, trouble shooting, and accessories. All documents are in Adobe PDF format.